Expert Psychological and Psychiatric Services in the Iowa City Area

Hope Springs Behavioral Consultants is a group of Psychologists and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. 

We go the extra mile to listen to you, gather information, and provide high-quality care.  We use empirically supported approaches and adhere to the high ethical standards that our professions recommend.

We are located in the Coralville Performing Arts Building in Downtown Coralville, IA.  We are committed to the mental health needs of Iowans, particularly the Iowa City area and Eastern Iowa.


Our Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and Staff (Please click on the name below)

What Our Patients Say About Us

Recently, we asked our current patients how we were doing. Out of 98 of confidential respondents (current patients) over a two-week period, the results supported that we are kind and provide very strong care. We are very proud of the service that we provide. Thank you to all who participated. We are honored.



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Our Provider of the Month

Please take time to get to know Ms. Jennifer Luria, Hope Springs's Provider of the Month.