When You Are Angry At Your Child

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Raising kids is hard.  All parents get angry at their child sometimes.  Here are some tips for feeling more in control when you feel angry at your child. Stop and Take a Break Hit the pause button before you act in angry ways.  It is important to stop before you can think about and take […]

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Your Phone Doesn’t Love You Back: Healthier and More Mindful Relationships with Technology

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I love the internet. I have a serious Buzzfeed problem (I’m Mollie, and I’ve taken a quiz about which Disney princess I would be based on my preference for snack foods). I cruise Twitter, I scroll the news, and I get sucked into my screens just like everybody else. But it isn’t… great. I don’t […]

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How To Pick Appropriate Movies and Screen-Time Activities for Your Family

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Sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and watching a movie is a favorite family activity.  Many families enjoy watching movies and TV shows together.  However, a lot of parents have questions about sharing media with their kids.  How much screen time is too much?  How do you know if a movie is appropriate?  Here are […]

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How to help your loved one with trauma

How To Help Your Loved One Cope with Trauma

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Traumatic events and experiences can elicit a wide range of reactions.  In order to help your loved one cope with trauma, it helps to know some of the symptoms that people experience.  Here are a few: Crying, panicking, or intense fearfulness when reminded of the trauma Withdrawal or pulling away from others Having difficulty sleeping, […]

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to remember under trauma

Self-Care Thoughts as You Go Through Trauma or Hardship.

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Most people go through something terribly hard in their lives. A study from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that out of over 1000 people in the US, almost 70% had experienced some type of traumatic experience.  These events can include things like traumatic death, sexual assault, and domestic assault.   Rates are […]

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organization teens

Psychologist Post: Back To School Tips For Organizing Your Disorganized Teen

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Teens and tweens who have been diagnosed with ADHD face an immense challenge as they transition into junior high and high school While there are many layers to this challenge, one of the biggest is that the need and demand for good executive functioning skills increases exponentially. Executive functioning skills are what help keep us […]

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purposeful parenting

Psychologist Post: Purposeful Parenting

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The Importance of Discussing the “Why” Behind the “Why Not” One of the most challenging, yet equally important, things about being a parent is establishing and maintaining a set of rules and expectations as your children transition into teenagers Most parents would agree that they don’t want their teens getting into things like drinking and […]

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intentional parent

Child Therapist Post: How to be a More Intentional Parent

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We hear a lot about how to be an intentional parent The word intentional means, according to Google, that something it “done on purpose; deliberate.” When we are an intentional parent, we are being thoughtful in how we raise our children. That we are looking forward to what we want out of life for our […]

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parent time out

Psychologist Post: Sometimes A Parent Time Out Is Important Too

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Parenting is hard. Children are joyful, energetic, and loving; they are also often challenging, frustrating, and overwhelming. Many of us think of time-outs as a way to help our children understand when they are acting in ways that are unhelpful, harmful, hurtful, or dangerous. When this is the case, we often recognize that our children […]

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Parent Burnout

Parent Burnout Is Real, Yet Treatable

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Parent Burnout Is Real, Yet Treatable Parent burnout is real. It often starts small, and can lead to impairment in a parent’s ability to complete their responsibilities towards their children. It can make it difficult to balance work, social, and family aspects of your life. Unfortunately, if a parent feels distress, the children will too. […]

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