Child Custody and Mental Health Services for Children

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Mental health services for children often depend on parental agreement, even if parents are not (or never have been) married Many times, psychologists and therapists offer mental health services to children from never married, separated, or divorced families.  At Hope Springs, we will ask about custody issues. There are several reasons for this, and they have […]

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Pets Can Benefit Your Child’s Mental Health

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Pets provide joy to many people.  The decision to bring pets  into your home can be complicated. You will likely ask yourself things like whether or not your family’s lifestyle can support the inclusion of a pet, if it’s affordable for your family, and if your children (and you!) will be willing and able to take […]

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Is Your Child Addicted to Screen Time?

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Screen time is a popular topic today.  Parents often worried that their child is addicted to the tablet or another device.  However, these devices are designed to provide a lot of easy to attain feedback.  They are designed to keep people interested.  Think about how willing people are to wait in line for hours when […]

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Attachment Disruption: A Dangerous Consequence of Forced Separation Between Children and Parents

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Attachment disruption due to separation can have long-lasting effects on children.  The relationship between a child and her parent or primary caregiver is special.  This relationship functions to provide security that the child needs for emotional and physical health.  The presence of a reliable, stable caregiver allows the child to successfully achieve cognitive, physical, and […]

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accidental death

Helping Teens Deal with the Trauma of Accidental Death

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Our community was recently hit hard with the accidental death of a local teenage girl. Every situation where a loved one is lost is devastating in its own way.   There is something different about a sudden, traumatic accident.  Especially when it involves someone so young.  Accidental death can leave people reeling for a very long […]

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How To Pick Appropriate Movies and Screen-Time Activities for Your Family

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Sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and watching a movie is a favorite family activity.  Many families enjoy watching movies and TV shows together.  However, a lot of parents have questions about sharing media with their kids.  How much screen time is too much?  How do you know if a movie is appropriate?  Here are […]

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What To Do About Suicide in Children and Adolescents

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Suicide in children and teens is a very frightening and potentially overwhelming topic.  As a result, parents often are not sure what to do.  Furthermore, parents frequently feel very scared and confused.  Sometimes, they even feel angry. If you, or someone you love, is ever in this situation with their child or teen, here is […]

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Marijuana teens

Marijuana Use: Science Facts Regarding Teen Use and Health

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In my work with adolescents, marijuana issues are occasionally discussed.  Sometimes, the teen has been using.  However, often she or he reports that other friends and classmates are regular users.  Frequently, I am told that it is easier for teens to buy marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes. Marijuana is a common drug that is used […]

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school anxiety

Coping with School Anxiety for Young Children

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Children starting kindergarten or returning to elementary school often experience school anxiety. Think of it as starting a new job or returning to work after a long vacation. Here are some strategies to minimize school anxiety and help your children start a great school year! Getting Ready For School · Practice the skills your child […]

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intentional parent

Child Therapist Post: How to be a More Intentional Parent

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We hear a lot about how to be an intentional parent The word intentional means, according to Google, that something it “done on purpose; deliberate.” When we are an intentional parent, we are being thoughtful in how we raise our children. That we are looking forward to what we want out of life for our […]

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PCIT trauma

Child Therapist Post: Why Effective Discipline is Important for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

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Unfortunately, sometimes children have traumatic experiences.  As adults we try very hard to protect children.  The loss of a loved one, a serious illness in the family, a car accident, or learning about violence in the world are events that may be traumatic for children.  Trauma is a very individualized experience so the effects can […]

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