It’s Hard to be a Student. And A Parent. We Can Help!

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It’s really hard to be a student You don’t have a choice over how your day goes. You have to ask permission for everything. It’s easy to feel like your day is full of people trying to catch your mistakes. You are constantly being evaluated. You have a full day of class, then a full […]

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Perfectionism: A Cultural Epidemic in Teens

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Perfectionism, or the tendency to want to do everything flawlessly, is often associated with increased stress and anxiety.  Perfectionism combines excessively high personal standards (“I have to do my best at everything”), as well as feelings of failure if the person falls short of those benchmarks.  Oftentimes, our need to be perfect stems from fear.  […]

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school shooting

How to Talk to Your Kids About A School Shooting

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The recent shooting at a high school in Florida on Valentine’s Day has understandably left many of us feeling very shaken. Since this time, there have been several conversations and debates regarding things like gun control, school security procedures, and mental health awareness and treatment. During a time when emotions are running high and politics […]

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Marijuana teens

Marijuana Use: Science Facts Regarding Teen Use and Health

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In my work with adolescents, marijuana issues are occasionally discussed.  Sometimes, the teen has been using.  However, often she or he reports that other friends and classmates are regular users.  Frequently, I am told that it is easier for teens to buy marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes. Marijuana is a common drug that is used […]

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organization teens

Psychologist Post: Back To School Tips For Organizing Your Disorganized Teen

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Teens and tweens who have been diagnosed with ADHD face an immense challenge as they transition into junior high and high school While there are many layers to this challenge, one of the biggest is that the need and demand for good executive functioning skills increases exponentially. Executive functioning skills are what help keep us […]

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purposeful parenting

Psychologist Post: Purposeful Parenting

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The Importance of Discussing the “Why” Behind the “Why Not” One of the most challenging, yet equally important, things about being a parent is establishing and maintaining a set of rules and expectations as your children transition into teenagers Most parents would agree that they don’t want their teens getting into things like drinking and […]

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teenage suicide

Child Psychologist Post: Medication Compliance is Important for Your Children and Teens

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Making the decision to medicate your child is not an easy one, and the choice to do so is often laced with feelings of guilt Other concerns may include possible side effects or long-term impacts that the medication may have on your child. Especially during times when these feelings of anxiety or concern take over, it […]

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Psychologist Post: How to Help a Shy Teen Make Friends

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New longitudinal research, published by the University of Michigan, based on students from 1991-2012, found that students have smaller groups of peers than they did a generation ago. However, the data also suggests that due to increased contact through electronics and on-line exchanges, relationships tend to be closer than they were 20 years ago. Other research has also found that as teens rely more on electronics, they tend to become less interested and less skilled at direct, face-to-face social interactions

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Child Psychologist Post: Dysgraphia (Part 2)

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Does your child have messy handwriting? Does s/he seem unmotivated or uncooperative when asked to complete written assignments? Does your child have great ideas, but seems to compromise creative ideas by writing in concrete or simplistic sentences.? Many children with these concerns are diagnosed with Dysgraphia, or a Disorder of Written Expression. The National Center for Learning Disabilities has published the following table regarding signs and symptoms of Dysgraphia:

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Kid Laughing

Child Psychologist Post: Building Resiliency in Our Children

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Stop the avoidance

Many parents have appropriately question whether there is anything they can do to keep their children safe, strong, and healthy. Many parents, even myself at times, avoid thinking about all the hard things their children may face. Sometimes, this avoidance feels easier than contemplating a future that seems so scary or uncontrollable. However, by avoiding thoughts of fear or tough things in the world, we also evade making healthier changes in our lives, and our children’s lives.

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