ADHD in Girls

ADHD In Girls

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ADHD is a common topic among parents, schools, and health providers. But ADHD in girls is an elusive concept. Allison was always labeled a “Tom Boy.” When other girls were playing with dolls, reading, or coloring, she was outside playing with the neighbor boys. She preferred softball, kickball, riding her bike. She could never sit […]

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Learning Disability

How to Talk to Your Child about Her Learning Disability

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“Just like our fingerprints, people are all different.  It’s no surprise that we learn differently too.” The above explanation is one that I often provide to young people when they are diagnosed as having learning disabilities.  I also explain to them that most of the time, our schools teach the most common, and sometimes the […]

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executive functioning

ADHD Lingo: What is Executive Functioning, Anyway???

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If you are the parent or a loved one of someone diagnosed with ADHD, you have undoubtedly heard a lot of ADHD “lingo” thrown around by teachers, doctors, psychologists, etc. Aside from the standard, easily definable labels of “inattentive,” “hyperactive,” and “impulsive,” a common but oftentimes confusing phrase used to describe someone with ADHD is […]

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When Someone You Love Has ADHD

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ADHD can mean a lot of different things for different people. Some may be more restless, hyperactive, fidgeting, and constantly on the move. Others may seem constantly one step behind, not seem to listen to what you’re saying, forget things, lose track of things, and always be off-task. Some may have a combination of these, […]

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PCIT Treats ADHD in Children

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No doubt about it, Darren* was a bouncy kid.  He had an infectious laugh, and the other children in his daycare were mesmerized by him.  Whatever he did, it was fun. Darren rarely sat down, he was always moving.  And dancing.  And running.  And even jumping.  He never was still.  Even during naptime.  Then he […]

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organization teens

Psychologist Post: Back To School Tips For Organizing Your Disorganized Teen

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Teens and tweens who have been diagnosed with ADHD face an immense challenge as they transition into junior high and high school While there are many layers to this challenge, one of the biggest is that the need and demand for good executive functioning skills increases exponentially. Executive functioning skills are what help keep us […]

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ADHD In Women

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Sandy is a mother of three children. She frequently feels overwhelmed and like she cannot balance the responsibilities of her life, her work, and her family. Even though her spouse is involved and supportive, her house is very cluttered and disorganized. She cannot find her keys or her phone, often losing them several times a […]

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Helpful Classroom Management Strategies for ADHD Students

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Many times, children with ADHD have difficulty adjusting to the school environment.  Their symptoms can make school more difficult for them than for other students.  Oftentimes, when working with the school, there are things that teachers and parents can discuss as accommodations to help children with ADHD cope better in the classroom. Here are some […]

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Adult ADHD

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You may live in a mess —chips in your desk, papers in the pantry, and the remotes are nowhere to be found.  It’s hard to know where to look when you lose your wallet or your keys.  Unfortunately, you may lose your phone routinely and have become very familiar with the “where’s my phone” app.   […]

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Child Psychologist Post: ADHD Accommodations in the Classroom

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Many times, parents and teachers ask us for suggestions on how to help develop ADHD accommodations for the classroom.    The list below is a compilation of suggestions that may be helpful under these circumstances.  However, it is important to remember that every child is an individual.  Every child with ADHD may benefit from different […]

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