Transgender Services

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Hope Springs Behavioral Consultants recognize that the transgender community has long been under-served by the community at large, particularly with regards to mental health care.

Whether you are a parent of a youth who is talking about gender diversity or gender-variability, or a client who identifies as transgender or gender-variant, it is important to be able to access supportive and knowledgeable health care.

There are many stressors in the world today, all of which may result in anxiety, depression, or relationship concerns. These are also common topics in therapy for gender variant individuals. Transgender and gender-variant people often seek psychotherapy to better understand themselves, as well as the complex social and relational issues in life. Psychotherapy can help to increase clarity about gender identity.

, and increase familiarity about the different types of transgender identities. In addition we can help you to learn where you identity along the gender identity spectrum.

, and provide guidance on coming out to friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers.

Evaluation Services with Transgender Youth

Many persons who identify as transgender seek medical services to make their bodies more congruent with their gender identities. As psychologists, it is often helpful to be involved with these services, particularly with children and adolescents. We will help coordinate care with your physician, and are trained in medical readiness evaluations for transgender youth.

psychological Services for Transgender youth and adults

 What Is ‘Transgender’?

Transgender is an umbrella term for people who experience their gender differently from their gender at birth. These individuals experience a persistent discomfort with gender identity, causing extreme distress. Gender identity, not to be confused with sexual attraction, is one’s psychological sense of gender. Gender variance is not learned, not chosen, not due to emotional or mental disorder and not determined by parenting.

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