Psychotherapy and Medication Services for Adolescents

Adolescent Psychotherapy and Medication Services at Hope Springs Behavioral Consultants


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Adolescence is a very tumultuous time.

Adolescents have increased stress, peer pressure, homework, and expectations.  They can feel like they are trying to separate from their parents and find out who they truly are.  Coupled with significant hormonal changes, all of these things can feel like an internal storm to a teenager. Parents may feel like the strategies that they used to help relate to their younger child no longer work now that their child is older.   Given all of these changes, it makes sense that difficulties can arise!

Adolescents need support and space at the same time.

They need to know they have guidance and that they have independence and capability to make some of their own decisions. These messages can feel contradictory and confusing at times (for parents and teens), but skilled psychotherapy can help.

How can I help my adolescent feel better?

The psychologists at Hope Springs specialize in psychotherapy and medication services for adolescents. We enjoy our work with teens, helping them to develop confidence and learn to cultivate positive relationships both with peers, teachers, and with family. We teach teens tools for managing stress, emotions and peer pressure; and we help them to develop healthy self-esteem and coping habits. We will work together to improve family relationships, restoring peace to your home and family.

“My teen needs help but is reluctant to attend a mental health appointment.”

Sometimes teens feel hesitant to attend psychotherapy or a medication appointment because of the stigma they have associated with it. It may make them feel blamed or like something is wrong with them. It can be helpful to explain to them that talking with a psychologist can help them to sort through their feelings and gives them an adult person to talk with that isn’t their parent.

They also should understand that no one has to know they are coming in for therapy and that what we discuss in our time together is strictly confidential. We always explain the parameters of confidentiality to them during our first session together. Generally after teens come in for their first session, they are much more comfortable with the experience of teen counseling and are more willing to attend future sessions.  If that is not the case, however, we would glad to provide you other referrals or wait until your teen feels more ready.

“I’m afraid that psychotherapy may cause my adolescent and I to grow apart.”

Teens naturally work at emotionally becoming independent from their parents during this stage in their development.   Generally, during psychotherapy, as they process through the confusing feelings that accompany their growing independence, they become more communicative with their parents. Psychotherapy can them to develop confidence and less defiant or withdrawn. This typically increases closeness in their relationships with family members.

“How will I, as the parent, be included?”

It is important for your adolescent to have a confidential environment to process through their feelings in psychotherapy. However, we always explain to them upfront that if there are concerns for their safety, that we would need to share those concerns with their parents.

Often, we include parents for at least part of the first session. This gives the parent an opportunity to share some of their concerns before we spend the remaining portion of the session with the teen individually.  We also routinely have parents complete behavioral questionnaires regarding their adolescent’s behaviors and concerns during the first session.

Periodically, we may discuss with your teenager how important in can be to  include the parents if any concerns with their family arise. When we do this, we discuss with your adolescent, in advance, the topics we would be addressing when the parent is there, so that there are no surprises. It is important for your adolescent to have a safe place to process through their  thoughts, feelings, and concerns openly.

What is unique about working with Hope Springs?

Hope Springs has psychologists who specialize with teenagers and young adults.  We bring empathy, understanding and a non-judgmental approach to our work with teens and their families.  We also bring specialized training, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to our sessions with adolescents.

Finally, we often collaborate closely with Ms. Margaret Butler, our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Ms. Butler generally schedules 30 minute appointments with her patients, and coordinates care with the psychotherapists and psychologists in this practice.

I am ready to get started!

If you are ready to start the process, then it is time to schedule an appointment. Call us to set up your initial session.  During the initial phone conversation, we will schedule the appointment for you and give you important information regarding the first session.

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