Brain SPECT Imaging May Help Neurologists Treat Mental Health Issues in the Future

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There are several ways neurologists can examine your brain to determine what it is, and, more importantly, what it isn’t doing. However, the different types of brain scans are all designed to do different things, and therefore they can’t be treated equally. However, assuming you as a patient are not a neurologist yourself, how can […]

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Benefits of Cycle Tracking for Young (and not so young!) Women

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Almost all women (unfortunately) know about or have experienced symptoms of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) including things like increased emotionality, fatigue, irritability, acne, bloating, and headaches. While these symptoms are far from desirable for most, they can be especially challenging to discriminate from other causes of depression, anxiety, and mood lability. This challenge to discriminate can […]

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Marijuana teens

Marijuana Use: Science Facts Regarding Teen Use and Health

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In my work with adolescents, marijuana issues are occasionally discussed.  Sometimes, the teen has been using.  However, often she or he reports that other friends and classmates are regular users.  Frequently, I am told that it is easier for teens to buy marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes. Marijuana is a common drug that is used […]

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Child Psychologist Post: Transgender Children & Youth

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Transgender Children & Youth: Basic Information for Parents, and Caregivers From the moment you announce your pregnancy, people begin to ask about your child’s biological sex.  “Are you having a boy or a girl?”  Some people even have “gender reveal” celebrations or parties.  It seems from the time our children are very small, our society […]

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teenage suicide

Child Psychologist Post: Medication Compliance is Important for Your Children and Teens

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Making the decision to medicate your child is not an easy one, and the choice to do so is often laced with feelings of guilt Other concerns may include possible side effects or long-term impacts that the medication may have on your child. Especially during times when these feelings of anxiety or concern take over, it […]

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Taking Medication As Prescribed Is Very Important, But Not Common

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…the CDC estimates that, in general, 50% of people are not compliant with medications. The findings are even more concerning for mental health. 80-90% of adults who are prescribed medication for ADHD do not take ADHD medication regularly, even though medications are prescribed daily on a long-term basis. Similarly, 50-75% of adults are non-compliant with antidepressant medications. The research by the CDC directly linked non-adherence to medication to 50% of treatment failure, and up to 125,000 deaths annually. That’s a life every 4 minutes. In summary, not taking medication as prescribed is a big deal and it’s dangerous.

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Burnout Can Be Real and Requires Care

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Burnout is a common experience, particularly among high-achieving people.  It can occur in tweens, teens, and adults.  Often, burnout can occur as a result of employment roles, but also other care-giving roles, such as those of parents and helpers. What is burnout? Burnout is defined as a state of chronic, enduring stress.  It is characterized […]

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