homework anxiety

Organizational Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Homework Anxiety

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Homework is a necessary evil, and homework anxiety is a common experience. While it helps children retain the things they’ve learned at school and develop good study habits, it is also a common stressor for many children and adolescents. How can you as a parent determine whether that stress has progressed beyond its norm into […]

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executive functioning

ADHD Lingo: What is Executive Functioning, Anyway???

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If you are the parent or a loved one of someone diagnosed with ADHD, you have undoubtedly heard a lot of ADHD “lingo” thrown around by teachers, doctors, psychologists, etc. Aside from the standard, easily definable labels of “inattentive,” “hyperactive,” and “impulsive,” a common but oftentimes confusing phrase used to describe someone with ADHD is […]

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