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Child Therapist Post: Why Effective Discipline is Important for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

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Unfortunately, sometimes children have traumatic experiences.  As adults we try very hard to protect children.  The loss of a loved one, a serious illness in the family, a car accident, or learning about violence in the world are events that may be traumatic for children.  Trauma is a very individualized experience so the effects can […]

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Child Therapist Post: Why Yoga is Good For Kids

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What is Yoga? Yoga is a series of physical poses that work to unify the mind and body. Also, yoga is an easy and fun for parents and children to do together. Kids benefit from yoga in many ways Yoga increases mindfulness Practicing yoga helps children to quiet their minds and better focus. By quieting […]

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Mental Health is an Important Part of Self-Care

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May is Mental Health Awareness month. There are so many great organizations out there that are championing this cause, and pressing for understanding, awareness, and treatment of mental health disorders, including www.breakthestigma.org and www.nami.org. Please consider visiting these sites, and sharing them widely.     We at Hope Springs are passionate about bringing awareness and […]

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adolescent suicide

Child Psychologist Post: Teen Suicide and “13 Reasons Why”

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Many parents, children, and adolescents have been spending time talking about the book and follow-up mental health series, 13 Reasons Why. This series graphically details teenage sexual assault, bullying, and suicide. The main character tragically dies by suicide.It is always good to offer discussion and awareness about mental health. However, all over the world, mental […]

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teenage suicide

Child Psychologist Post: Medication Compliance is Important for Your Children and Teens

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Making the decision to medicate your child is not an easy one, and the choice to do so is often laced with feelings of guilt Other concerns may include possible side effects or long-term impacts that the medication may have on your child. Especially during times when these feelings of anxiety or concern take over, it […]

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Child Therapist Post: Social Stories Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

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  A social story is a learning tool that is used to help individuals with autism know what to expect and how to behave in new social situations. Often children with autism do not know what to expect in a new situation. A social story is a written guide that has pictures to provide the […]

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Child Psychologist Post: Nonverbal Learning Disability Supports and Suggestions

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Nonverbal Learning Disability (Nonverbal LD) is a specific type of learning disability that affects children’s academic progress and their social and emotional development. Symptoms of Nonverbal Learning Disability include: Math Difficulties Children with Nonverbal LD have difficulties with mechanical arithmetic, particularly more complex math that involves many columns, like long division. They have problems and […]

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Child Psychologist Post: How to Talk to Your Children about School Safety Threats

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  Threats to school safety are an increasingly common fear. Many parents have expressed concerns on how to respond to lock-downs, threats, and reports of violence at their child’s school.  Given the high number of reports of school violence in the last number of years, as well as the 24-hour news coverage of these events, people are […]

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ADHD In Women

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Sandy is a mother of three children. She frequently feels overwhelmed and like she cannot balance the responsibilities of her life, her work, and her family. Even though her spouse is involved and supportive, her house is very cluttered and disorganized. She cannot find her keys or her phone, often losing them several times a […]

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Psychologist Post: Reading Comprehension Strategies

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Reading comprehension is an important skill, starting early in elementary school. In order to show good reading comprehension skills, a person is asked to read, understand, and answer questions about what they’ve read.  Children with ADHD or other learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia, can struggle with reading comprehension.  In these circumstances, instructional strategies can help. […]

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