What Kindness Means to Me By Jennifer Luria

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I want to preface this story by saying that I have received many kindnesses in my life. I am a single mother of two amazing children. We have been overwhelmed with the amazing gifts of patience, help, support, and encouragement that we have received

Recently, I wanted to take my youngest daughter, who is 6 years old, to an event that was going to be very crowded. It was very important to me that I “showed up” at this event to show my opinions and support for others. I wanted to help and be part of something positive. I wanted to model for my daughter that she can help us to rise up as a people. It is very important to me that my daughters are “doers” and live by “I CAN.”

However, the day before this event, I started to get very anxious about being alone with a small child in a huge crowd in an unfamiliar city. My biggest fear has always been losing one of my children in a crowd. My mind was going overtime with anxiety. I really was starting to want to back out and stay in my comfy home.

I saw on Facebook that a friend had marked that he was going to this event. We had gone to the same high school and graduated in different years. We didn’t have any of the same friends. We had chatted on Facebook on and off over the last few years. I used to drop my little sister off at his house for trumpet lessons with his father. Although we were not close, I trusted him because he is from my small town and I know his family.

Iowa City PsychologyI took a risk and shared my fears with this friend. He instantly responded that he would meet me at this event. He said that he WOULD find us. I was skeptical. How would he find us in such a huge crowd? However, he was pretty confident that he would find us! He said he would find us and stay with us in the crowd and help us. Despite my initial doubt, I started to feel better. I started to get excited about going to this event! I was going!

So, the next morning, we packed up our little car with all the things a 6-year-old needs for a road trip. I still made sure she had an extra inhaler in her pocket and my name and phone number written in her shoes. And written in her jacket. Just in case we got separated. We talked about sticking together for safety. We went to the event. My friend found us, just like he said he would. He even brought snacks in case we got hungry. We showed up! We were part of something bigger than ourselves.

We all need help to accomplish great things. My family is really used to being independent. We are so grateful for what people do for us but rarely admit when we are scared or uncertain. Or just need a friend. My friend, just by being with us, provided a kindness that helped us to be part of something great. Thank you, friend

Jennifer Luria

Author: Jennifer Luria

Jennifer Luria is a highly skilled child and adolescent psychotherapist. Ms. Luria holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa. She was employed by the Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for 8 years, and recently has joined the staff at Hope Springs. Ms. Luria has a very warm and compassionate style, which she balances with the ability to effectively set goals and bring about results with her patients. She is also certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy, as well as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Certified Therapist). She is currently accepting new patients.

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