Why Graphic Novels are Good for Kids

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Graphic novels have become increasingly popular for children.  There are currently many different types of graphic novels from Captain Underpants to the Smile books by Raina Taigelmeier.  Graphic novels have not always been considered appropriate reading for children.  Lately, graphic novels are flying off the shelves, jumping into virtual shopping carts, and being embraced by […]

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First Few Weeks of School: Tips for Survival

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The first few weeks of school can be great, but they can also bring challenges for kids and parents.  Changing from the relaxed schedule and feeling of summer to the routine and structure of school can be hard for some children. Here is information to make this transition go better for the first few weeks […]

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Positive Behavior on Vacation: 11 Tips to Increase the Odds of Your Kids Doing Well

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Positive behavior helps vacations go better.  Unfortunately, child behavior can be an area of concern for parents.  Will she throw a tantrum at the restaurant?  Will he sleep ok?  Will any of us survive the car or plane ride? As a child therapist and a parent, I get it!  I have worked with many families […]

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Is Your Child Addicted to Screen Time?

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Screen time is a popular topic today.  Parents often worried that their child is addicted to the tablet or another device.  However, these devices are designed to provide a lot of easy to attain feedback.  They are designed to keep people interested.  Think about how willing people are to wait in line for hours when […]

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Attachment Disruption: A Dangerous Consequence of Forced Separation Between Children and Parents

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Attachment disruption due to separation can have long-lasting effects on children.  The relationship between a child and her parent or primary caregiver is special.  This relationship functions to provide security that the child needs for emotional and physical health.  The presence of a reliable, stable caregiver allows the child to successfully achieve cognitive, physical, and […]

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Why Structure is Important for Kids in the Summer

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Schools out!  No more structure, right?  Well…. about that…..When school ends for the year, parents and children alike are ready for a break from homework, extracurricular activities, and other demands that come with the academic calendar.  However, it doesn’t take long for parents to hear, “I’m bored,” or to be come concerned with siblings fighting […]

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When You and Your Partner Disagree on Parenting

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Partners often disagree on parenting.    As parents, we put together our ideas of how to raise children on how we were raised, religion, how we interpret our values, and other factors. When you and your partner both want what is best for your child but disagree on how to help your child be successful, it can […]

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When You Are Angry At Your Child

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Raising kids is hard.  All parents get angry at their child sometimes.  Here are some tips for feeling more in control when you feel angry at your child. Stop and Take a Break Hit the pause button before you act in angry ways.  It is important to stop before you can think about and take […]

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What To Do When Your Child Lies

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Many parents worry when their child lies.  It can be very concerning because we all want to raise honest children.  However, lying is actually a very common behavior in children and actually a part of typical development.  The ability to omit the truth or change details of a story are actually signs of increasing mental […]

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What is empathy? Empathy is simply defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  Empathy allows us to respond in a calm way to what others are experiencing. Why is empathy important? Empathy allows us to respond in a way that takes into account how another person may be feeling.  Empathy […]

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