Brain SPECT Imaging May Help Neurologists Treat Mental Health Issues in the Future

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There are several ways neurologists can examine your brain to determine what it is, and, more importantly, what it isn’t doing. However, the different types of brain scans are all designed to do different things, and therefore they can’t be treated equally. However, assuming you as a patient are not a neurologist yourself, how can […]

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Pets Can Benefit Your Child’s Mental Health

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Pets provide joy to many people.  The decision to bring pets  into your home can be complicated. You will likely ask yourself things like whether or not your family’s lifestyle can support the inclusion of a pet, if it’s affordable for your family, and if your children (and you!) will be willing and able to take […]

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Picky Eating: Why Children with Autism are Different

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Picky eating is an issue experienced by many parents, and there are typically very behavioral solutions proposed to parents. Often parents are encouraged to hold firm in their expectations and not negotiate on what will and won’t be eaten. For example, if the expectation is that the child will try one bite of each food […]

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Organizational Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Homework Anxiety

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Homework is a necessary evil, and homework anxiety is a common experience. While it helps children retain the things they’ve learned at school and develop good study habits, it is also a common stressor for many children and adolescents. How can you as a parent determine whether that stress has progressed beyond its norm into […]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About A School Shooting

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The recent shooting at a high school in Florida on Valentine’s Day has understandably left many of us feeling very shaken. Since this time, there have been several conversations and debates regarding things like gun control, school security procedures, and mental health awareness and treatment. During a time when emotions are running high and politics […]

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Benefits of Cycle Tracking for Young (and not so young!) Women

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Almost all women (unfortunately) know about or have experienced symptoms of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) including things like increased emotionality, fatigue, irritability, acne, bloating, and headaches. While these symptoms are far from desirable for most, they can be especially challenging to discriminate from other causes of depression, anxiety, and mood lability. This challenge to discriminate can […]

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new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: Watching What Comes Out of Your Mouth, Not What Goes In It

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New Year’s resolutions are common this time of year.  We gain renewed motivation for a lot of things, but commonly this falls into the realm of appearance/health: We want to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, eat less, cook more, take the stairs, up our step goal, etc. While it is certainly not a negative […]

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accidental death

Helping Teens Deal with the Trauma of Accidental Death

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Our community was recently hit hard with the accidental death of a local teenage girl. Every situation where a loved one is lost is devastating in its own way.   There is something different about a sudden, traumatic accident.  Especially when it involves someone so young.  Accidental death can leave people reeling for a very long […]

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Does My Child Have Autism? Part 2: The Tricks (and Treats!) of High Functioning Autism

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In a previous post I addressed the most common “tell-tale” signs and symptoms of Autism While the majority of “typical” kids on the autism spectrum will exhibit some, if not the majority, of these symptoms, there is a subset of kids that can be especially challenging to diagnose with autism because their behaviors and symptoms […]

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